Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Believe & Achieve - FREE Video

Believe & Achieve - FREE Video

Thursday, October 8, 2009

3 main reasons why manifestation often fails

Since 2 years I am more and more attracted from the idea that we all can learn to use our mind and spirit in a more adecuate way to create everything we desire in our life.

After the first positive tests I became more fascinated from the methods and results and I began to investigate and test different programs.

I decided to explore the wide field of manifesting goals, dream creating and the study how to realize to live a vision from very beginning until manifested results using the offered knowledge and methods also in my life.

Critically watching what in reality was happening when I was working on the creation of a video project on my computer, I suddenly recognized a strange 'disturbing interference' which resulted in a 'computer crash' after I have came to an end to realize the completion of a new movie on my computer. I was only 1 step away from the finished product: A movie which I wanted to use for a social community project web site.

It was already 2.00 AM when the computer (better said I had to be obviously the only person in charge) decided to instruct the monitor to stay dark. I could not realize what indeed has happened. It maybe was a strange feeling as if somebody caused the fingers of my right hand to press some buttons very quickly, knowing that this was not the reality. I am realistic enough not to belief in unvisible powers from Aliens or somebody else who wants to sabotage me, that could not be the cause. I was the only person in the room! And I want to find out what the real cause was.

Ok, you may judge, that this may happen everywhere, that a computer brake down. But I must agree that this was not the first time! A couple of days before I worked on an layout and the scripture of a website. And I was a view seconds away from the end result : A new designed website script, when again a strange reflex (which I could not explain) obviously forced me to press 1 or 2 wrong buttons and the monitor turned into black.

As obviously more often in my life something "strange" happened when I was walking my path to a certain goal, what I became aware now 100 % clear from, I decided to to investigate, what is going wrong again and again from time to time, nearly one breath away from a certain goal.

Outer forces I could exclude, so what else can it be? "I don't want to be interrupted again and again exactly when I am only 1 step away from the realization of a certain goal", I stated and decided to find out the truth behind the somewhat 'strange' phenomens of not bringing tasks to and end as planned before.

Guess what, the solution knocked on my door yesterday, only a couple of days later? Was this the solution to my problem of 'unvisible' obstacles on my way to my dreams, when I openend my mailbox and read an email with the Title : "What They Never Told You In The Secret". In the mail I got an invitation to download a Free Reportcalled: "3 Untold Manifesting Secrets” For Living The Life You Are Meant To Live!

Downloading the report I suddenly felt a certain feeling of inner vibration and calm I became aware that I was going to hold in my hand a key to a former closed door. I felt grateful for getting the permission to enter this new area of more awareness.

I stored the report on my compöuter and I began to read and learnt to know the origin why in most cases the practice of a "Feeling-Based Visualization" as Described In 'The Secret' does not automatically end with the wanted results and separates us from our heart's desire."

There are obviously 3 main pitfalls which can people make belief: "Oh that manifestation stuff does not work anyway."

The first item in the report explains why "Infinite Possibilities are Practically Ineffective " and "are not helpful in taking the right actions. What is helpful is to know the best possibility to know for you right now." because 'Infinite possibilites are overwhelming and meaningless when it comes to taking actions". (One reason maybe why in my case hundreds of pictures which I have stored on my computer caused sometimes irritation and confusion instead of for more clearness which finally would be the foundation to enable me to focus on the end result - the finished video)

The second item mentioned in the report really sprang into my eyes saying: "How Subconscious Interference Subverts The Power of Intention". I have learnt that "My subconscious intentions interfere with my conscous ones". Well, now I am only 1 step away from the solution of my problem. I need to find out what are my subconscious intentions. What are the core beliefs which might sabotage from time to time the realization of my dreams?

I have investigated a lot in the past months and indeed I have found that there are some very efficient ways to find out and eliminate those beliefs.

Dear Reader, maybe you can also remember moments when you were frustrated that your dream which were manifesting day by day, suddenly seems to be stuck or fading away?

I am really interested to learn more about this stuff and to learn more about your personal experience. For all interested readers I can recommend (as first step) the Free Report from Matt Clarkson from The Mind-Body Training Company: The 3 Unfold Manifesting Secrets For Living The Life you are meant to live.

On my blog Abundance Express you can download the FREE Report (on the left side of this article)

I will inform you in due course about some effective methods to transform limiting beliefs into positives ones which you can use to bring you closer to your dreams.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Win $10's-$100's or even $1,000's of dollars just by attending FREE WIN Events...!

Win $10's-$100's or even $1,000's of dollars just by attending FREE WIN Events...!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Purpose, Vision And Goals By Bob Proctor

Purpose, Vision And Goals By Bob Proctor
The Leading capacity for Goal Setting and Success Building Stuff Mr. Bob Proctor can explain at best what are the crucial things you need for creating a vision and achieving your goals. Read his blog to be instructed completely and in detail.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are you ready for "A Journey for a better life"?

Have you ever gone on a journey on rails? Did you enjoy a maximum of comfort during your journey towards the desired destination? Why we should not choose this more predetermined and more comfortable "way of travelling", also when we are on the way to the realization of our largest desires?

We are often asked to make decisions. Everyday, every hour, every minute. Are you a serious decision maker?

How would you decide if somebody would offer you train trip towards your most desired destination = your life goals?

Imagine that there will be no more than 7 days left until the departure of that train.

Would you be prepared to manage your time and ressources the best way until the departure?

Are you aware that you can save time by focusing and concentrating, delegating, and scheduling the tasks, actions and to carry out errands? Who are the persons which can assist us? How large are your financial ressources?

You certainly will not wait hours infront of an ticket office to pick up your ticket, but choose the most appropiate time to do it. Don't you?

So a plan, schedule, map or overview is needed. We should prioritize our time by rating tasks by importance and urgency.

Just another thought (to cultivate virtuous habits): Why not decide to cosset our dreams by focusing on a better supporting belief that a "Life's Goal Tour" is designed to allow us to enjoy our journey to the full, just since the very beginning?

That means that we can decide every minute of a day to make adventourous preparations for our journey in relaxed and joyful atmosphere. Stress is a factor which we can decide to avoid. Anyway we can practice to get customized to unusual situations practicing to stay more centered and calm, which takes maybe more time (e.g. learning to meditate or to practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation).

When the travel bag or suitcase is filled with our knowledge, skills, attitude and ressources, when our final destination is known and the ticket and passport are in our pocket, the journey can begin on the scheduled time of departure.

Have you already decided which train you would choose? Do you have a preferred class or compartment in which you want to travel? Do you have a travel companion?

And the most important decision you should make before you start: How can you create a strong vision? Can this vision take over the function of a kind of engine like the locomotive to pull your "life's abundance Express" through deserts and valleys, crossing rivers or even climbing hills always steadily and reliable, prefarably without the need to change trains too often or other predictible interruptions?

Knowing the effects of a positive thinking, using your mind more effectively and the ability to build up a strong belief system can help you realize things that you are never thought that they are possible and they are your most effective tools to achieve your goals –

Are you ready for a life changing journey? Are you still planning? (I hope that the one or other reader of this blog could be inspired not only watching other trains passing by?)

Every minute we can decide to take passionate actions towards living our life designed consciously by ourselves.

The quote: "Talk is cheap, but only taking Actions, make things happen" will make our decision making muscle stronger.

And Robert H. Schuller gives us hope, saying: "Again and again, the impossible problem is solved when we see that the problem is only a tough decision waiting to be made.

Yes, you can be a dreamer and a doer too, if you will remove one word from your vocabulary: impossible."

For whatever "destination" you will decide... I wish you a clear vision (locomotive), a strong belief system and that you succeed to go for your goals (like the President of the United States Mr. Barack Obama in his exemplary function showed to us).

BON VOYAGE!!! Gute Fahrt! Have a good trip! Buen viaje!